Our council workers focus on making our community a better place. That’s why WME has created #WMHeroes to recognise the important contribution of our key workers in councils across the West Midlands.

#EverydayHeroes #CouncilsCan #WMHeroes

Meet your #EveryDayHeroes

This week’s latest heroes highlight some of the amazing work our Councils do.


#EverydayHeroes making our every day better

#EverydayHeroes #CouncilsCan #WMHeroes

As the nation was placed into coronavirus lockdown councils had to act quickly. West Midlands council workers went into overdrive to support us, with many adapting their roles and working around the clock to make sure we have the support we need. From arranging emergency food deliveries and continuing refuge collection to organising housing and essential care to the community our council workers continue to provide essential services.

WME recognises the pressure local councils are facing to deliver services and we want to thank our ‘unsung heroes’ across all of our 33 West Midlands councils, which we are doing through #EverydayHeroes.

Thank you to our council heroes

Our council workers help create safe, healthy, happy and successful communities. However, their efforts often go unnoticed. We want to say thank you and showcase the breadth of roles within councils through #EverydayHeroes. You can nominate someone here.

Council Workers Help Fight COVID-19

There are some amazing examples of heroes, working day-in, day-out to support their local communities. That’s why WME has launched #EverydayHeroes, to recognise the achievements of people working in councils across the West Midlands and what they do to ensure we remain safe. You can read about some of these heroes here.

About WME

WME is one of 10 regional employers’ organisations across the country, providing advice, support and services to membership councils and other public sector organisations.  We are a not-for-profit organisation owned by our Councils and through our small team of 22 people based in the heart of the region, we strive to advocate, build and champion people centred organisations and a resilient and diverse public sector workforce that benefits everyone in the West Midlands.

Our aim has never been more meaningful or important than right now. This crisis and the focus on the incredible work taking place within the public sector, provides WME with an opportunity to shine a light on the work of local government which may not always be familiar or easily recognised or understood by members of the public.  Our 33 councils have deployed an incredible response from day one of this crisis to supporting communities, businesses and citizens and to ensure that they maintain their critical services despite the many challenges facing us all.  The 116,000 people working in our councils in the West Midlands have been adapting their roles, accepting deployment into completely new roles and are working around the clock to make sure we as citizens have the support we need.  They are all working under huge pressure and we want to thank the unsung heroes in our councils through this campaign.

Through our campaign we can highlight the range of amazing opportunities for individuals, who as a result of the pandemic, realise how rewarding it can be to work as a public servant every day. We have a longer term mission to promote careers in local government, so that our councils can attract the very best talent into their jobs. WME is proud to be part of your local government family and we hope you enjoy finding out more about our everyday heroes – after all one day it could be you!

WME Strategic Plan 2020-25

We are committed to supporting an ambitious West Midlands region and we recognise that every ambition, change, or service delivered by our public sector organisations involves people – they are our biggest resource and our biggest source of potential for innovation and transformation. Read our Strategic Plan Here.

33 Councils

Across the West Midlands Region.

Everyday Heroes

Over 116,000 Council Workers.

3 Million Residents

Benefiting every day.

Nominate your hero

Whether you work for a council or are a West Midlands resident you can nominate someone who works for your local council*.

Please state who you would like to nominate, which council they belong to, what they do for the council and why you think they are a hero. (Please note you cannot nominate yourself) We are looking for heroes who…

  • Are employed by one of West Midlands councils 
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm to improve local communities
  • Have an inspiring story around how they are supporting their community or going above and beyond

Share Your Pictures

#WMHeroes You can say thank you to your local council workers. All you need to do is share a picture of your local council hero and tag @WMEmployers on Twitter or Facebook, and use the hashtag #WMHeroes.

If you would like to find out more contact us at info@wmemployers.org.uk