About WME

Our aim has never been more meaningful or important than right now. We are here to support your local community.

WME is one of 10 regional employers’ organisations across the country, providing advice, support and services to membership councils and other public sector organisations.  We are a not-for-profit organisation owned by our Councils and through our small team of 22 people based in the heart of the region, we strive to advocate, build and champion people centred organisations and a resilient and diverse public sector workforce that benefits everyone in the West Midlands.

Our aim has never been more meaningful or important than right now. This crisis and the focus on the incredible work taking place within the public sector, provides WME with an opportunity to shine a light on the work of local government which may not always be familiar or easily recognised or understood by members of the public.

Our 33 councils have deployed an incredible response from day one of this crisis to supporting communities, businesses and citizens and to ensure that they maintain their critical services despite the many challenges facing us all.  The 116,000 people working in our councils in the West Midlands have been adapting their roles, accepting deployment into completely new roles and are working around the clock to make sure we as citizens have the support we need.  They are all working under huge pressure and we want to thank the unsung heroes in our councils through this campaign. Through our campaign we can highlight the range of amazing opportunities for individuals and realise how rewarding it can be to work as a public servant every day. We have a longer term mission to promote careers in local government, so that our councils can attract the very best talent into their jobs. WME is proud to be part of your local government family and we hope you enjoy finding out more about our everyday heroes – after all one day it could be you!

WME Strategic Plan 2020-25

We are committed to supporting an ambitious West Midlands region and we recognise that every ambition, change, or service delivered by our public sector organisations involves people – they are our biggest resource and our biggest source of potential for innovation and transformation. Read our Strategic Plan Here.


HR plays a critical role in crisis management

Meet Dawn Hewins. She heads up human resources and organisational development in the UK’s biggest council – Birmingham City Council. Excluding schools, Birmingham employs c11,500 employees and it’s been Dawn’s role to manage the people aspects during the pandemic....

Helping the homeless find homes during and after lockdown

Meet Carlton. His job title is unusual – Tenancy Sustainment Officer – but it neatly sums up what Carlton does for Stafford Borough Council helping people with chaotic lives and multiple complex needs to secure a place to live. Carlton has been put forward by his...

Man on a mission – keeping the streets and parks clean in Stafford

Meet Paul Bowen. A streetscene operative for Stafford Borough Council with a massively strong work ethic. He’s turned his hand to many jobs during his 17 years working at the council – and he was very much a key worker during the pandemic. While many of our heroes...

Our youngest hero – from apprenticeship to valued employee

Meet Ella Smith. Our youngest WM Everyday Hero so far at just 22 - she started working at Stafford Borough Council a week before her 17th birthday so a relatively recent recruit to the sector and already a valued asset.  Her Chief Executive Tim Clegg says , “I think...

Hatch, Match and Dispatch – a new way of doing things

Meet Sharon Howarth. “Enjoy everyday as if it’s your last” is Sharon’s live-by moto – perhaps not quite so surprising given her role. Sharon heads up Coventry’s Registrars and Coroners service. Or as the service gets called; Hatch, Match and Dispatch, instead of...

A warm Warwick welcome back to our four towns

Meet Dave Barber. He’s the man in charge of getting town centres re-opened safely as part of his role as Head of Development Services for Warwick District Council. Dave’s Chief Executive has put him forward to be a WM Everyday Hero, but like many of our Heroes Dave is...

New Director of Public Health – rises to the Covid-19 challenge

Meet Dr Shade Agboola. Her passion for treating preventable diseases started in Nigeria while working to help prevent children dying from malaria and malnutrition.

Caring for our children in care with virtual communications

Meet Harris Beaumont. He’s got one of the most diverse careers yet for a hero or indeed anyone for that matter.

From caring to cooking ― helping people to be independent

Meet Harris Beaumont. He’s got one of the most diverse careers yet for a hero or indeed anyone for that matter.

We set up a ‘mini Amazon’ for PPE in Warwickshire in just three days

Meet Olivia Cooper. “Exhausted. Intense. Full on.” These are the words Olivia uses to describe the first weeks.