From food bank staff, emergency housing staff, social workers, refuge collectors and back office administrators – many of our local council staff are going above and beyond to take care of us and your loved ones during this health emergency. You can read more about them here…

This Week’s Profiles


Supporting Rough Sleepers

We’ve all walked past that homeless person on the street but what happens when the Government announces in the daily Coronavirus briefing that councils have a new duty – to house all their rough sleepers and make them safe – in just 48 hours West Midlands...

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Social Care

Council nurses step up to support Dudley’s care homes

From desk top planning to real life – how council nurses have supported Dudley’s care homes during the pandemic… Meet Barry Jones. Born in Dudley. Lives in Dudley. Works in Dudley as head of health protection within the council’s Public Heath Team. He’s as passionate...

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Care Worker Moves From Frontline To Phoneline

As Coronavirus closes one door another door opens…from frontline to phoneline Have you ever wondered what happens to the employees and the vulnerable people that look after when a service has to shut it doors due to the Coronavirus? Here’s a heartwarming...

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Corporate Teams

What good leadership looks like during a pandemic

Meet Sarah Rouse.  What a ridiculously testing time for a new leader – the district first had to deal with flooding again and next the pandemic hit. Sarah’s been in crisis mode for most of her time as the Independent Leader of Malvern Hills District...

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Virtual call centre signposts to grassroots support

Meet Michelle Kettles, Welfare and Benefit Team Manager, South Staffordshire Council. She’s got a lovely reassuring voice, handy for her current role, with a wee twang of Scottish and the north-east. She was chosen to be South Staffordshire Council’s...

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Education Teams

How one school is providing education in the community

Meet Leigh Moore. She’s the inspirational leader at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy (WOA) in one of the most deprived parts of Sandwell.  This is the story of how a school head has made it her absolute priority to stay in close contact with her students and...

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Revenue & Benefits